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stub ffmpeg Has Documentation:https://ffmpeg.org/documentation.html

This page is a stub containing temporary documentation!!!

ffmpeg is a library to convert and compress audio and video. It is the standard tool to convert one thing to another, make your videos smaller, extract audio from a video, and so on.



Use Homebrew!

brew install ffmpeg

General Usage


ffmpeg specifies input with the "-i" flag, and automatically accommodates the input format. The last argument in the command is typically the output file. Each output file extension has its own default format, and each format has its own default parameters. For an ".mp4" output, the default is the x264 codec (though this will probably change to the x265 codec soon).

ffmpeg -i /some/input/file.avi ./some/output/file.mp4




  • trimming
  • cropping
  • changing speed
  • iterating over a glob