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A panel of three mouse-sized nosepokes to sense behavioral input, for delivering water reinforcements and, give task feedback via an RGB LED  +
Mount three Autopilot Nosepokes on a Tripoke Panel for mouse-sized input and reward delivery  +
Water Bottle Holder for Autopilot Hex Panel  +
Rechargeable and not, storage of power  +
Bottom panel for the Autopilot Behavior Box  +
Digital video cameras, webcams, etc.  +
Chips with integrated logic, from simple ICs and just shy of single-board computers  +
Computers and computer parts, including single-board computers, microprocessors, and individual computer components like graphics cards, Raspberry Pi HATs, etc.  +
Guides for building primarily inert, structural objects  +
Computers, passive electronic components, and anything electrified  +
Guides for building electronic components from schematics and off-the-shelf parts  +
Recording and manipulating neural-electrical activity  +
Materials and guides for constructing behavioral arenas, enclosures around hardware components, and generally putting one thing inside another thing  +
Some fancy new hardware just for you!  +
Hardware for connecting things, like screws, brackets, and latches  +
Tubing and reservoirs and materials for managing liquids  +
Video cards, consumer and compute  +
Like Has Datasheet, but for cases when there is no PDF of a datasheet and the information is only available on an external URL  +
An analog amplifier for the Raspberry Pi  +
An integrated DAC and Amplifier for the Raspberry Pi  +
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