Chris' Poke Board Remix

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Chris' Poke Board Remix
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Chris' Poke Board Remix
Created By Chris Rodgers
Modality Reward Delivery
Part Type Nosepoke
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Version 1
Date Updated 2020-01-21
Assembled In Autopilot Nosepoke Panel
Thingiverse Link
Thingiverse Link

A circuit board for sensing nosepokes, delivering water, and providing feedback with an LED -- remixed for a single poke!

This printed circuit board (PCB) connects to the back of a nosepoke and provides passive circuitry and connectors to enable poke sensing, solenoid activation (by digital trigger or by a pushbutton switch), and tricolor LED triggering.

The following connections are needed with the raspberry pi, from top to bottom: 1. 5V 2. LED4 (blue); a digital trigger 3. LED3 (green); a digital trigger 4. LED1 (red); a digital trigger 5. Solenoid; a digital trigger 6. Nosepoke detector; a digital signal indicating poke 7. 3V3 8. Gnd

You have to insert resistors, BJTs, a diode, a solenoid valve, the beam-break sensor, and the solenoid into the marked locations on the PCB. A guide demonstrating this with pictures is coming. :)

The LED and solenoid digital triggers activate their respective devices when the signal from the raspberry pi goes HIGH (3.3V, not 5V). This is done by opening a BJT, so that those devices draw their power from the 5V rail, not directly from the digital pin on the raspberry pi. Resistors should be inserted in the indicated location between these digital signals and the BJTs.

A single current limiting resistor (R_LED) controls the current flow through the LEDs. Only one LED should be activated at a time.

A diode blocks kickback current from the (inductive) solenoid valve, as recommended on the solenoid's datasheet.

You can order this PCB directly from OSH Park for $20.30 for a batch of three at this URL: I don't receive any financial benefit from any orders you make.

I can also send you the KiCAD design files and you can edit it or print it however you see fit.

Chris poke remix.png

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