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The Autopilot wiki is a publicly-curated collection of supplemental wisdom for using Autopilot, a distributed Python framework for performing behavioral neuroscience experiments. It also aspires to be a general-purpose repository of knowledge for experimental methods, ranging from how to trick Linux into doing what you want to what glue to use when -- this is a place for all the little scraps of know-how that never quite find their way into the paper but are an indispensable part of how you do your experiments ;)

This wiki is built with MediaWiki, and uses Semantic Wiki and Tweeki. Please see Contributing for more information on editing pages and adding information!

The macro-organization of this wiki is young and in-flux! For now the major discussion venue is at the autopilot repo discussion board!

Quick Links to other Autopilot resources:



Instructions on how to build or do things :)


Information on hardware components and materials, 3d printed parts, schematics, circuit diagrams, etc.


External libraries, environment configuration, etc.


Hardware and software applied in a particular modality like Audio, Video, or some other abstract subcategory (see Property:Modality)


Information about using, editing, and contributing to the wiki!