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Off-the-shelf parts

Distinct from Materials, which are generic/quantityless/have many suppliers like screws and nails, Parts are individual components typically available for purchase -- usually a part will have a single product id or webpage for purchase, where a material has many that are mostly equivalent.

Generic parts can be submitted with the Part Form, but each Part Type should have its own subform that allows adding additional semantic information specific to that type.

Part Types

 Has Description
BatteriesRechargeable and not, storage of power
CamerasDigital video cameras, webcams, etc.
ComputersComputers and computer parts, including single-board computers, microprocessors, and individual computer components like graphics cards, Raspberry Pi HATs, etc.
FluidsTubing and reservoirs and materials for managing liquids
Passive ComponentsPassive electronic components like resistors, transistors, solenoids, and so on
SpeakersLoudspeakers, passive and active
StructuralParts for building things, supporting structures, latches, hinges, etc.


 Is Part TypeModalityHas Description
Assman AWH 24G-0222-TPassive Components
Autopilot Nosepoke PanelReinforcement
Chris' Poke Board RemixReinforcement
HiFiBerry AAmp60Raspberry Pi HATsAudioAn analog amplifier for the Raspberry Pi
HiFiBerry Amp2Amplifier
Raspberry Pi HATs
AudioAn integrated DAC and Amplifier for the Raspberry Pi
HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC proRaspberry Pi HATsAudioA combined DAC/ADC for the Raspberry Pi
HiVi RT1.3WESpeakersAudio
Intan 32-channel headstageAmplifier
Lee LHDA0531115HPassive Components
Nalgene 1LFluidsReinforcement
Neuralynx EIBPassive ComponentsImplants
Raspberry PiA widely-used, well supported single board computer
Raspberry Pi 80/20 MountStructural
TT Electronics OPB901L55Passive ComponentsSensors
TT Electronics OPB903L55Passive ComponentsSensors
TinyCircuits - LiPo 3.7V 30mAhBatteriesPower
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