Koolertron CJDS98

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Koolertron CJDS98
Image Koolertron-CJDS98.jpg
Modality Signal Generation, Electronics
Tool Type Instrument, Function Generator
Manufacturer Koolertron
Product ID/Part Number CJDS98
Product Page https://www.koolertron.com/koolertron-80mhz-programmable-signal-generator-3-5in-screen-display-high-precision-dual-channel-arbitray-waveform-frequency-meter-300msa-s.html

Price (USD) 299.99
Controlled By:

Function generator to generate parametric analog waveforms.


Outputs 4 BNC
Max Frequency 80000000


  • Sine wave frequency range:1nHz-80MHz
  • Square wave frequency range:1nHz-30MHz
  • Triangle wave frequency range:1nHz-50MHz
  • Pulse wave frequency range:1nHz-30MHz
  • TTL digital wave frequency range:1nHz-20MHz
  • Arbitrary wave frequency range:1nHz-50MHz

Modulation Types

  • AM
  • FM
  • PM
  • ASK
  • FSK
  • PSK
  • PWM

Function Generator