Lee LHDA0531115H

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Lee LHDA0531115H
Lee lhda.png
Modality Reinforcement
Part Type Passive Component, Solenoid
Manufacturer The Lee Company
Product ID/Part Number LHDA0531115H
Product Page https://www.theleeco.com/products/electro-fluidic-systems/solenoid-valves/control-valves/lhd-series/3-port/ported/
Datasheet File:LHDA0030000BA-Datasheet.pdf
Price (USD) 63.35
Lee LHDA0531115H
Passive Component Type Solenoid
Operating Voltage 5
Resistance (Ohms) 46
Operating Current 0.11
Lee LHDA0531115H
Normally Closed/Normally Open Normally Closed
N-Way (2-way, etc.) 3