Triple 5V Solenoid Board (Schematic)

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Triple 5V Solenoid Board (Schematic)
5V solenoid board.png
Modality Reinforcement
Schematic Type PCB
Description A board to drive three 5V solenoid valves from a Raspberry Pi
Creator Jonny Saunders
Version 1
Date 2021-07-07
Git Hash
Used In: Multi-Box Gravity-Fed Reward Delivery, Triple 5V Solenoid Board
Triple 5V Solenoid Board (Schematic)
Number of Layers 2

.SCH File:triple_5v_solenoid_board.sch

.PDF File:triple_5v_solenoid_board.pdf
Designed With Program KiCAD

This board powers three 5V solenoid valves like the Lee LHDA0531115H with the 3.3V GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi 4. It is a simple power transistor circuit, the only thing special being the addition of a button to manually override the transistor. The GPIO values listed in the schematic are an example, but are compatible with, eg, the Autopilot Tripoke