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Off-the-shelf, premade components

 Has Description
BatteriesRechargeable and not, storage of power
CamerasDigital video cameras, webcams, etc.
ComputersComputers and computer parts, including single-board computers, microprocessors, and individual computer components like graphics cards, Raspberry Pi HATs, etc.
FluidsTubing and reservoirs and materials for managing liquids
Passive ComponentsPassive electronic components like resistors, transistors, solenoids, and so on
SpeakersLoudspeakers, passive and active
StructuralParts for building things, supporting structures, latches, hinges, etc.


DIY print, engrave, or fab your own

 Has Description
2D CADFlat schematics like those for laser engravings and layouts
3D CADMesh schematics like 3d-printable parts and assembled component files
PCBsPrinted circuit boards (and all other circuit schematics, even nonprinted ones)


Raw materials, or generic items that don't need their own page (eg. all the different sizes of screws)

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FastenersHardware for connecting things, like screws, brackets, and latches


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InstrumentsStandalone instruments