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Mesh schematics like 3d-printable parts and assembled component files

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3D CAD Schematics

 ModalityHas Description
1L Bottle Wall MountReinforcementMount a 1L Nalgene bottle upside down on a wall
Autolevel Bottle CapReinforcementCap for 1L Nalgene bottle that dispenses water with constant force despite bottle level
Autopilot Debris GuardEnclosuresAn 8"x8" square guard that can be glued onto an 8"x8" acrylic panel.
Autopilot Hex Panel PegsEnclosuresPegs to mount hex panels
Autopilot LED MountIlluminationMount a SMC LED to the top of an Autopilot Behavior Box
Autopilot Nosepoke CapReinforcement
Nosepoke cap to hold an IR Breakbeam sensor and an RGB LED for mouse-sized subject interaction.
Autopilot Nosepoke Needle HolderReinforcementHold an 18g Needle!
Autopilot Panel HandleEnclosuresHandles to attach to Autopilot Hex Panels
Autopilot Soundproof Box JigsEnclosuresJigs to help position panels when building the Autopilot Soundproof Box
Autopilot Tripoke PanelReinforcementMount three Autopilot Nosepokes on a Tripoke Panel for mouse-sized input and reward delivery
Autopilot Water Bottle HolderEnclosuresWater Bottle Holder for Autopilot Hex Panel
Neuralynx EIB social capImplants
An attachable cap for the Neuralynx 32-channel EIB, to allow for chronic social-housing.
Speaker Mount - HiViAudioMount an ultrasonic HiVi RT1.3WE tweeter at an angle
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Mesh schematics like 3d-printable parts and assembled component files +