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Short Description Task extensions for gap detection and speech perception Nafc protocols.
Compatible With Autopilot Version >=0.3.0
Git Repository URL https://github.com/auto-pi-lot/autopilot-plugin-wehrlab
Contributors sneakers-the-rat, mikewehr
Created By Jonny Saunders
Version 1
DOI (URL) of Related Paper https://doi.org/10.1121/1.5091776
Used With Hardware Autopilot Behavior Box
Plugin Type Task, Sound

Contains Task code for the following experiments:

Gap Detection

  • Nafc_Gap - a subclass of Nafc that plays noise continuously during the task, and uses gaps in noise as stimuli
  • Nafc_Gap_Laser - a subclass of Nafc_Gap that controls an additional LED mounted on top of the behavior box (Autopilot LED Mount) and sends a TTL pulse to control an external laser source for Optogenetics.


  • Speech - a subclass of File that adds additional parameters to define properties of speech sounds.

Tuning curve

  • Tuning curve- passive presentation of tones and white noise to characterize auditory receptive fields.