Autopilot Soundproof Box Jigs

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Autopilot Soundproof Box Jigs
Autopilot soundproof box jigs example.png
Modality Enclosures
Schematic Type 3D CAD
Description Jigs to help position panels when building the Autopilot Soundproof Box
Creator Jonny Saunders
Version 1
Date 2021-06-28
Git Hash
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Other Files

Jigs to help build the Autopilot Soundproof Box -- specifically to help position all the subtlely-different shaped rectangles.

The jigs are labeled for which set of panels they are to be used with -- eg. 'jig_lr_1.stl' is one of four jigs to be used with the left and right panels. Please refer to Autopilot Soundproof Box for further information!

Fabrication Notes

Since these pieces are intended to be used as jigs, meaning they will have force applied to them, you will want to either print them solidly or with a high infill percentage.