Autopilot Water Bottle Holder

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Autopilot Water Bottle Holder
Modality Enclosures
Schematic Type 3D CAD
Description Water Bottle Holder for Autopilot Hex Panel
Creator Matias Andina
Version 1
Git Hash
Used In: Autopilot Behavior Box, Autopilot FED3 Panel

Other Files
  • Water bottle.png

This model is made to hold a 50 mL Falcon tube with a rubber stopper and metallic sipper. There might be some variation in the stopper and sipper lengths, and we tried to accommodate for that. In our design, the rubber stopper rests against the Autopilot Hex panel and the sipper barely protrudes through the slot. The holes in the design are made for an M3 or M2.5 screw/nut pair.

This design was made possible by Coby Unger and we acknowledge him here.

Fabrication Notes