Autopilot FED3 Panel

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Autopilot FED3 Panel
Autopilot fed panel.jpeg
Modality Enclosures
Schematic Type 2D CAD
Description Modified Panel that adds FED3 and Water bottle to Autopilot Behavior Box
Creator Matias Andina
Version 1.0
Git Hash
Used In: Autopilot Behavior Box
Remixes: Autopilot Hex Panel
.DXF File:Autopilot hex panel FED3 water.dxf
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Other Files
  • Holder 01.png
  • Holder 02.png

This panel was designed to have a space for a FED3 device (, and a water bottle Autopilot Water Bottle Holder.

Fabrication Notes

The fit is quite tight. The user is advised to slightly modify the position of the gaps (i.e., either move the FED3 gap upper or increase the height of the gap). If using Autopilot Tray, the FED3 is likely held in place between the tray and the acrylic gap. In other applications, magnets can hold the FED3 in place, helped by an extra 1 inch 80/20 piece to bring support at the back of the FED3.