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Autopilot Tray
Modality Enclosures
Schematic Type 2D CAD
Description Tray to collect bedding material and fluids.
Creator Matias Andina
Version 1.0
Git Hash
Used In: Autopilot Behavior Box, Autopilot FED3 Panel
.DXF File:Tray.dxf
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Manufacturer Link {{{Manufacturer Link}}}
Other Files

The file is to be cut in the same acrylic width as the Autopilot Panels.

Cut the acrylic using the laser cutter, and position the cuts together in a box shape. It is easier to use small pieces of tape as shown in the picture. Then remove one face of the box at a time and weld it using any acrylic weld. You should do the welding in a well ventilated area (e.g., a fume hood) and let the tray sit for at least 24 hours before giving it to mice.

Fabrication Notes

Modifications of this box can be readily done using