Autopilot Panel Handle

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Autopilot Panel Handle
Side handle real.jpg
Modality Enclosures
Schematic Type 3D CAD
Description Handles to attach to Autopilot Hex Panels
Creator Jonny Saunders
Version 2
Date 2021-06-28
Git Hash
Used In: Autopilot Behavior Box

Other Files

Two versions

  • The center version is good for one-handed manipulation, and can be thought of as the classic handle
  • The side version is better for the current design of the Autopilot Hex Panel which uses two of the magnetic |pegs at the top. This makes the center handle put a lot of strain on the acrylic, and the side handles distribute it much better. The side handles also STACK!!!!!!! so your panels don't become a jumbled mess.

Fabrication Notes

SLA - I print vertically (long axis up and down w.r.t build plate), many can fit close together if alternated directions.

Additive - No supports should be needed for overhang in center typically. The main point of failure when printed horizontally (back face on build plate) is that the top "handle" part can be ripped off with excessive force, but this doesn't happen with typical usage.

Can be attached anywhere, the hexagonal cutouts typically aligned with the openings on the panel, and usually placed near the top edge. We usually just Super Glue it!!!!