Speaker Mount - HiVi

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Speaker Mount - HiVi
Speaker mount hivi.jpg
Modality Audio
Schematic Type 3D CAD
Description Mount an ultrasonic HiVi RT1.3WE tweeter at an angle
Creator Jonny Saunders
Version 1
Date 2021-06-28
Git Hash
Used In:

https://wiki.auto-pi-lot.com/images/6/69/Speaker_holder.stl https://wiki.auto-pi-lot.com/images/f/f2/Speaker_mount.stl

Other Files

Mount a HiVi RT1.3WE at an angle, usually used with Autopilot Tripoke in order to deliver sound over the poke panel.

Assembly is straightforward and there's really only one way to do it -- attach the speaker to the fork, then jam the fork in the base. The fork can be redesigned to fit other speakers while using the same base, though there is nothing particularly special about the base.

Fabrication Notes

Since this is mounting a speaker, it needs to be reasonably massive and rigid, so it should be printed with high infill or solidly. We have found little speaker distortion when the speaker is mounted with its nylon screws against its foam backing on the fork piece.