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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has Description" with value "Behavior Box Panel with hexagonal holes for sound transmission". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

    • Behavior Panel Bottom  + (Bottom panel for the Autopilot Behavior Box)
    • Autolevel Bottle Cap  + (Cap for 1L Nalgene bottle that dispenses water with constant force despite bottle level)
    • Chips  + (Chips with integrated logic, from simple ICs and just shy of single-board computers)
    • Wireless Optogenetic Illuminator Circuit  + (Circuit board for Wireless Optogenetic Illuminator Circuit)
    • Plugin:Parallax  + (Classes to control an array of stepper motors in a task to study depth perception from motion parallax)
    • Computers  + (Computers and computer parts, including single-board computers, microprocessors, and individual computer components like graphics cards, Raspberry Pi HATs, etc.)
    • Electronics  + (Computers, passive electronic components, and anything electrified)
    • Multi-Box Gravity-Fed Reward Delivery  + (Delivering water rewards to many boxes with a gravity feed system)
    • Cameras  + (Digital video cameras, webcams, etc.)
    • Solenoids  + (Electric solenoids to open and close valves or otherwise exert linear motion)
    • Raspberry Pi HATs  + (Expansion cards that follow the Raspberry Pi HAT standard, mounting and stacking on top of a Raspi)
    • 2D CAD  + (Flat schematics like those for laser engravings and layouts)
    • Koolertron CJDS98  + (Function generator to generate parametric analog waveforms)
    • Electronics Build Guide  + (Guides for building electronic components from schematics and off-the-shelf parts)
    • Construction Build Guide  + (Guides for building primarily inert, structural objects)
    • Autopilot Panel Handle  + (Handles to attach to Autopilot Hex Panels)
    • Reinforcement  + (Hardware and discussion to deliver rewards and train animal behavior)
    • Fasteners  + (Hardware for connecting things, like screws, brackets, and latches)
    • Plugin:Autopilot Paper  + (Hardware objects, tasks, and scripts as a part of the Autopilot Manuscript)
    • Audio  + (Hardware, Software, and other pages for presenting, manipulating, and recording audio)
    • Video  + (Hardware, software, and guides for capturing, manipulating, recording, and encoding video)
    • Autopilot Nosepoke Needle Holder  + (Hold an 18g Needle!)
    • Autopilot Soundproof Box Jigs  + (Jigs to help position panels when building the Autopilot Soundproof Box)
    • LEDs  + (Light Emitting Diodes, for light!)
    • Illumination  + (Lights, LEDs, Lasers, Infrared Imaging)
    • Property:Has External Datasheet  + (Like Has Datasheet, but for cases when there is no PDF of a datasheet and the information is only available on an external URL)
    • Speakers  + (Loudspeakers, passive and active)
    • Enclosures  + (Materials and guides for constructing behavioral arenas, enclosures around hardware components, and generally putting one thing inside another thing)
    • 3D CAD  + (Mesh schematics like 3d-printable parts and assembled component files)
    • Autopilot FED3 Panel  + (Modified Panel that adds FED3 and Water bottle to Autopilot Behavior Box)
    • 1L Bottle Wall Mount  + (Mount a 1L Nalgene bottle upside down on a wall)
    • Autopilot LED Mount  + (Mount a SMC LED to the top of an Autopilot Behavior Box)
    • Speaker Mount - HiVi  + (Mount an ultrasonic HiVi RT1.3WE tweeter at an angle)
    • Autopilot Tripoke Panel  + (Mount three Autopilot Nosepokes on a Tripoke Panel for mouse-sized input and reward delivery)
    • Autopilot Nosepoke Cap  + (Nosepoke cap to hold an IR Breakbeam sensor and an RGB LED for mouse-sized subject interaction.)
    • Parts  + (Off-the-shelf parts)
    • Autopilot Hex Panel Tripoke  + (Panel for mounting an assembled Autopilot Tripoke in an Autopilot Behavior Box)